Photo Restoration ServicesWhat should I do as a customer to make this work for both of us?
We ask that you please be as specific as possible about everything that you would like to have completed with your photo. The more detail the better so that we don’t have endless emails back and forth. If we think that you have missed something we will note it in your quote so that you can make that choice to add the suggestion right up front to avoid having to open up a new quote. Also please send the highest resolution image you can. The higher the resolution the larger you are able to print your image.

Photo Restoration FAQWhat file format is best?
We accept files up to 10MB each in size. The best file format is a JPG/JPEG. We will accept a PSD formats as well.

Photo Restoration Payment OptionsWhen do I pay for the services provided?
You only pay for the services once you have approved our work and are 100% satisfied.

Scanning Old PhotosWhat if I don’t have a scanner?
Your local photocopy or office supply store will scan your photo for you and then you will up load your file through our easy services form.

Tips on How to Scan Old PhotosWhat should I know before I scan my photo?
Please see scanning tips page for more information on scanning your photos so you can have the best results possible.

Photo Retouching ServiceSo I’ve sent my photo what’s next?
Please see our how it works page

Photo Retouching Payment OptionsWhat are my payment options?
Online shoppers love the convenience and security of Pay-Pal, where they can pay from their Pay-Pal balance, bank account, or credit card. Fix 4 Pix does not have access or store your credit or payment information.

Photo Recontruction Services Is there anything that can’t be fixed?
In the rare instance where your image is beyond enhancement or restoration due to technical reasons we will immediately notify you and offer suggestions for you if possible. We may work on your photo before we give you a quote to see what is possible. Blurry pictures or dark grainy pictures are subject to how much information we can get from the photo.  We will give it our best efforts to see if we can get it to look its best.

 Free Quote for Photo EditingI love the proof but I thought of something else I’d like, what now?
That’s no problem if you add a request outside of the original request after previewing the final, we will first complete the transaction for the initial request. After that has been completed we will quote you for the changes or additional requests separately and treat it as a new transaction.

Photo Ideas for Birthday PartyI have a silly concept for a friend’s birthday can I run it by you?
Yes of course please fill in the form and submit your ideas to me along with the pix and we’ll see what we can come up with for you. We love a creative fix!

Sending PHotos in the MailCan I mail you my photo?
We prefer that you don’t send your valuable photos in the mail. We have set up an easy secure upload form and great scanning tips and advice. This way your original photo is never at risk.


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